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Pool equipment

Indicative technical options 

 Choose the way of water cleaning and the engine room that fit your area.

Choose the Compact filtering wall of VOGUE IMAGE POOLS, if your pool is small or the filter in acrylic box if you do not want any engine room to be built. 

The VOGUE IMAGE POOLS is always willing to help and search with you the proper way of heating your pool, either by water heaters, heat pumps or solar systems.

The salt electrolysis, the Ozonizers, automatic chlorinators and any other way of water disinfection… all the new technologies are at your disposal to choose from.

Αντίθετη κολύμβηση  Αντλία  Αντλία θερμότητας  Ηλεκτρικός πίνακας 
 Jet stream  Pump Heat pump  Electric box
 Φίλτρο άμμου  Φίλτρο διατομικής γης  Χλωριωτής Ταμπλέτας  Χλωριωτής άλατος
 Sand filter  DE filter  Chlorinator  Salt Electrolysis

The automatic operation and control is your own choice.




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