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Pool renovation

The Vogue Image Pools’ expertise enables our customers to repair their existing projects at any stage they are. Incomplete or out of date projects can be redesigned and rebuilt by Vogue Image Pools. The economy, ergonomics and aesthetics are the main rules that the VIP always follows in its work.

The following pictures show one of the reconstruction projects of our company. 

 pisina paralavi The pool as it was received by our company


 Design and study stage.

 fasi1 fasi2 fasi3 fasi4


Final result after the intervention of our company.

apotelesma1 apotelesma2 apotelesma3 apotelesma4 
apotelesma5 apotelesma6 apotelesma7 apotelesma8
apotelesma9 apotelesma10 apotelesma11 apotelesma12 



pool 2



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