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Certificate from National Technical University of Athens  

Tel (+30) 210 3468492  - Email: info@voguepools.gr | Company Presentaion 

Welcome to Vogue Image Pools

Browse get informed and choose the pool that suits you!

Pool, hot tub or sauna... All in one complete online catalogue.

We hope our website will be able to help you to choose among dozens of types of pools - colours, dimensions, equipment - as well as to determine the cost that you have budgeted.

Personalize your requirements by selecting a design from our extensive range or feel free to draw the pool of your dreams yourself and Vogue Image Pools will make your dream come true in record time regarding speed and the highest quality as well as offering a 25 years guarantee.
Download our Company Presentation in pdf  


Prefab pools of Vogue Image Pools up to 50 square meters surface are mounted with a small scale license, which can be issued within 48 hours.

Our qualified representative will visit you and assist in the positioning of your pool, show you all the pool shapes, new functioning technologies, pool construction materials and will make an estimate of your pool adjusted to your budget.

A phone call to our company is the beginning of making the dream of a swimming pool just as you have dreamed it, come true.


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Vogue Pools

Hariton 38 Keratsini Piraeus

Tel (+30) 210 3468492

Fax (+30) 210 3468469

Email: info@voguepools.gr




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